Breakfast Point  Men’s Shed
Created for members of the Breakfast Point Community
Last Updated  18th Septemer 2020
Welcome to the Breakfast Point Men's Shed Website

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days since Opening Ceremony
Fridays 4:30pm at the Shed
Bike Riders
Tuesdays 9am meet at the shed
Friday 8am at the Country Club
Coffee Morning
Wednesdays 9am at the Shed
Outing details
TGIF every Friday in Admin Building Wednesday Coffee Community Hall
Our next lunch will be Wednesday 14/10/2020. Venue community hall
A fish & chips lunch including Prawns Scollops pineapple.
Please let me know if you are attending for catering purposes, ALSO  $10 per person will go towards cost of meal. I hope you have great week    PeterM
Important Men's Shed News or Messages
Comments below are from the Webmaster and Workshop Coordinators Ron Schmid, Vince Silvestro and Ron Vozzo

Some pics from the archive



Update: Will Banks has been working with our Shed for a University Project, link to his website
Canada Bay Lunch
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Wednesday Coffee  online with Zoom
Please observe physical distancing at all times