Garden Beds Concord Hospital
Concord Hospital for Yaralla
Concord Hospital Tables
Local School Buddy Seat
Community Projects
Arm Exercise board for Concord Hospital
Kindergarten Mud Kitchens
Concord Mental Health Rehab equipment
Kindergarten work
RPA Hospital
Collecting for Rotary on Anzac Days
Braille Practice Boards for Blind Society
Second School Buddy Seat
On going Sea Wall Survey for Community Association
Wall of Jericho for St. Patrick's School
Dressing Sticks for Concord Hospital
Supporting the Men of the Breakfast Point Community
Spring Fair
Concord Hospital Rehab
RPA Standardised Stroke Test
Bunnings’ Fathers’ Night
Second Bunnings Father’s Day
Bandage Bear Fund raising
Donation Boxes for disabled Sailors
Dragon Flies for Mosaic Club
Beer Holders for Oak Hotel (fund raising)
Tissue Boxes (fund raising)
Serving Boards (fund raising)
Surveying Country Club for Community Association
Admin Building Painting
Rehab equipment Concord Hospital
Steps for Balmain Hospital
Dressing sticks for Concord Hospital
Bunning’s BBQ Fund raising
Concord Hospital Noticeboard
Stroke Rehab equipment Concord
Stroke Rehab equipment  RPA
Stroke Rehab equipment Concord
Stroke Rehab equipment Concord
Stroke Rehab equipment Concord
Fund raising
Fund raising
Probus Bus step
Fund raising
Concord Hospital  Garden Beds
Concord Hospital Rehab
Concord Hospital Rehab
Prayer Stools (fund raising)
Bunning’s Easter children's night
Concord Hospital Drug Rehab Garden
Stroke Rehab equipment Concord
Breakfast Point  Men’s Shed
Created for members of the Breakfast Point Community
Welcome to the Breakfast Point Men's Shed Website
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