Breakfast Point  Men’s Shed
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Last Updated 6th April  2019
Welcome to the Breakfast Point Men's Shed Website

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Fridays 4:30pm at the Shed
Bike Riders
Tuesdays 9am meet at the shed
Friday 8am at the Country Club
Coffee Morning
Wednesdays 9am at the Shed

Outing details

1 pizza night Friday TGIF 26/4:/2019 (Ugo birthday)
2.Lunch Wednesday 8/5/2019 Canada Bay Club Chinese set menu at this stage
3.Guided Tour Rocks area Thursday 23/5/2019 $10 per head( NEED more people so please let me or Doug know) Lunch after Tour
4.June lunch 12/6/2019 venue TBA
5.July Lunch 10/7/2019 will be BBQ at the Oval NO charge
6.August Lunch 14/8/2019  Doyle’s Watson Bay $35 per person which includes 2 Courses plus glass of wine
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Important Men's Shed News or Messages
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Friday 1st March TGIF BBQ
Lunch Japanese style